Modular design for simple, contamination-free filter replacement

The filter systems of the CR Series can be equipped with different filter cartridges depending on the application.

Filter cartridge (V2A-Z)
Filter cartridge (MDF-Z)
Filter cartridge (V2A-A)
Filter cartridge (MDF-ZA)

The filter cartridge already contains both the suction pipe and extendible protective tubing (Img. 1). If the suction pipe is disconnected, the protective tubing can be extended somewhat, covering the point of disconnection (Img. 2). This means that the protective tubing can be joined or welded over the open air inlet so that the filter cartridge’s air inlet is still shielded from dust in the environment (Img. 3). The filter is removed by sealing the protective plastic film in advance to prevent contamination.

Safechange tubular film

For increased safety requirements during filter replacements. This option must be ordered with the filter of your choice.

Technical Description

Flexible Canister silicone ring configured for the exact dimensions required by TBH. The canister adapter is a silicone ring that is fitted onto the suction arm’s connection pipe before the sealing lips are mounted during production by TBH. Each of the filter cartridges is equipped with its own liner. When the system is assembled, the cartridges are closely connected to the grooves of the silicone canister.

Inserted suction pipe, system in operation
Extended suction pipe
Removing the transfer liner after use and disposing of the filter with the remaining liner
Attachment of the next transfer liner and removal of the crimped liner cover