Can be upgraded with various filter modules at the factory

Filter cartridge
Particle filter
Activated carbon/BAC

Depending on the specific application and applicable occupational safety regulations, it may be necessary to add additional filter levels to the standard filter cartridges. To further increase separation efficiency, a special particle filter (H13) is installed downstream in the system as standard. A molecular filter (activated carbon/BAC) is also available to eliminate odours and gases from the process air.


You can choose from various filter configurations in the OEN series, depending on the application. Special filter cartridges are used in applications with pure oil/emulsion mist without particles or with a very low particle content. These ensure an extremely long service life and very effective separation even for large amounts of liquid: the OEN 155. Aluminium mesh and saturation filters are used in applications with a lower oil/emulsion mist content and a medium particle content in the contaminated air. These ensure effective separation of the liquid combined with optimised particle separation: the OEN 150/OEN 710.

Both systems are equipped with a particle filter (H13) that allows the air to be safely recirculated into the work area. You can install an optional molecular sieve (activated carbon/BAC) downstream, which will remove the majority of the gaseous contaminants.

LN 600-Series

The filter systems of the LN 600 series can be equipped with different filter modules by the customer. This allows the systems to be optimally adjusted to customer-specific requirements and also optimises filter replacement costs. 

For the systems in the LN 600 series, the filters can be easily replaced through the front doors of the individual filter levels. This allows the filters to be changed individually, without requiring that all filters be opened. This ensures that employees or maintenance service staff can replace the filters easily and cleanly.