Modular design

Upgradeable with various filter modules
GL-Series / LN 200-Series

Filter systems of the GL-Series and LN 200-Series can be equipped with different filter modules depending on the application. This optimises filter costs and enables the extraction and filter systems to be adjusted to meet changing requirements.

Upgrade Process for the LN200 and GL Series

Easier service handling

The service handling is a big PLUS of the modular design concept. In case of servicing, only the malfunctioning motor module (and not the entire system) has to be examined. A replacement module can also be provided during the repair period. This reduces the costs for any production downtime that may be incurred.

FP 150

The FP 150 is equipped with a cleanable filter cartridge of dust class M. An optional particle filter (H13) can be installed downstream to increase the separation efficiency, e.g. where carcinogenic substances are present. A molecular filter (activated carbon/BAC) is also available to eliminate odours from the process air. For each additional filter selected, a machine pedestal must be ordered to increase the system’s stability.