Simple filter replacement

On most series' offering this feature, the filters can be replaced by simply removing them from above. this ensures simple, clean filter replacements for the employees or maintenance service staff.

Downdrafttable DT 100 / DT 150

This downdraft table includes the familiar multi-level design from the other TBH series. The system includes a prefilter and a particle filter, which together filter out all particles from the contaminated air. The filters can be easily replaced from the top of the system. To do so, move the safety screen upward and remove the stainless steel grates. The filters can now be easily removed.

GL DESK-Series

The filters can be easily replaced by simply removing the filters through the front doors of the system. This means that you can easily replace the individual filter levels without getting dirty and without having to open the entire system.

LN 600-Series

For the systems in the LN 600-Series, the filters can be easily replaced through the front doors of the individual filter levels. This allows the filters to be changed individually, without requiring that all filters be opened. This ensures that employees or maintenance service staff can replace the filters easily and cleanly.

TFS 1000

Filter replacement is done easily by the front door of the system. The SafeLine filter and the particle filter are two separate filters braced into the TFS 1000 by a common tensioning system. Nevertheless, they can be replaced separately. No tools are required for the filter replacement. The process thus doesn´t take much time either. The activated-carbon/BAC filter is located above both of the two saturation filters and can be replaced separately if required.