Cleaning control unit

FP 200 / FP 200 ATEX

These units ship with the following filter cleaning options:

  • Controlled cleaning interval (time set in the device)
  • Coastdown cleaning (filter is cleaned while the extraction system is in standby mode)

By adding the optional cleaning control unit, additional filter cleaning options become available.

The cleaning control unit allows you to program various cleaning modes, operate a Precotech 200 automatic precoating system and integrate the unit into the TBH extraction system:

  • Automatic cleaning control unit with various operating modes (interval cleaning, coastdown cleaning, differential pressure-controlled cleaning depending on filter saturation, cleaning via the interface by the customer)
  • Differential pressure filter monitoring with indicator for filter cartridge change
  • Interface for integration into the TBH extraction system
  • Controls connected slide valves

Please see the separate cleaning control unit catalogue for more information.