Fume generated by EDM

When machining hardened steel via EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), the dielectric, an insulating fluid, produces hazardous fume. Especially cavity type EDM leads to a large amount fume. This fume consists of various molecules mainly derived from the dielectric. They can cause various skin diseases, irritations of the eyes, headache, intoxication and allergies.

Oil emulsion mist

Oil fume (air pollution by oil particles) if mostly generated by cooling liquids (coolant emissions). These cooling lubricants often contain chemical additives. During the machining operation, e.g. turning, milling, drilling or grinding, the coolant is put under heavy mechanical or thermal load by being centrifuged, sputtered, heated etc.. This process generates airborne oil particles that may be damaging to health. Oil particles may cause health effects such as skin disease, intoxication, allergies or even cancer.